AV ToolBox


Audio Volume Leveler SRS TruVolume
SKU: AP-311
AP-311 Audio Leveler is a breakthrough product using patented technology developed by SRS Labs™. The AP-311 maintains a constant stereo audio level output in spite of fluctuations encountered in the source's audio signal

Audio Lip Sync Corrector
SKU: AP-411
AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector is a compact device used to correct audio/video timing mismatches that result in the loss of synchronization of the two components of A/V program content

Digital Bi-directional NTSC-PAL-SECAM Converter
SKU: AVT-1660
AVT -1660 Digital Standards Converter (formerly known as the CDM-660) allows you to freely convert between various worldwide television standards

PC/VGA to Composite/S-Video Converter
SKU: AVT-3155A
AVT-3155A converts computer signals to standard analog video. It's settings are controlled via top panel push-buttons

PC/VGA to RGB/VGA/Composite/S-Video Converter
SKU: AVT-3160
AVT-3160 Scan Converter converts PC and Mac computer signals to standard analog video. Its settings are controlled via top panel push-buttons or an optional Infrared Remote Control Unit

HDTV to Composite/Component/S-Video Down Converter
SKU: AVT-3190
AVT-3190 Component Down Converter converts PC and HD component signal to standard analog NTSC or PAL video. Outputs are provided in Composite, S-Video and Component (YcBcR) formats, as well as computer or HDTV Pass-thru

Composite/S-Video to VGA/PC Converter/Scaler
SKU: AVT-3320
AVT-3320 Analog Video to UXGA Scaler allows you to view virtually any standard analog format television video source in high resolution on a PC Monitor. It has both Composite Video and S-Video inputs that can be up converted to XGA, SXGA or UXGA outputs

Composite/S-Video to VGA/PC Converter/Scaler
SKU: AVT-3350
Analog to PC/HD Scaler Scaler is designed to convert standard definition NTSC or PAL format S-Video or Composite Video signals to XGA, SXGA or UXGA resolutions allowing the viewing of standard definition, interlaced television images on a progressive scan PC monitor

Composite/Component Video/WUXGA Theater Up Converter with TV Tuner
SKU: AVT-3420
AVT-3420 Video Scaler allows you to up scale NTSC or PAL interlaced Composite, YPbPr analog signals, or the output from an internal cable TV tuner to resolutions as high as 1080p for viewing via any compatible projection system, LCD or plasma display

VGA/Composite/Component Video to VGA/YPbPr Scaler
SKU: AVT-3800
imageMAX PLUS is a high performance Video Scaler for up-converting standard analog video for viewing on virtually any HDTV, Plasma, Digital or PC Display. By means of advanced frame buffer technology and line doubling, imageMAX can transform your existing standard video from a DVD Player, VCR, Camcorder, Video Game, Satellite Receiver or virtually any other video source into a high quality picture on any display device with an RGBHV (PC-type) or YPbPr (3 RCA connectors) input