8x8 Digital/Video-Audio Matrix Switcher
SKU: SB-8804
SB-8804 is a high speed Bandwidth 300MHz, Maximum 325Mhz Audio Matrix Switcher product. Its one of the most innovative Digital Audio (S/PDIF) or Video (Composite Video) and Stereo Audio (AR/AL) switching products on the market today. Support 19 inch Ear mount pair part number #1U-440L and MRM is 19 inch 1RU Rack mount type. It has 8 individual inputs with 8 individual outputs. Because it is a matrix router switcher , any 8 input maybe routed to any 8 outputs; or the same input may be routed to all outputs or any combination. It completely eliminates the need to constantly move around Digital Audio or Composite Video, and Stereo Audio input and output cables. This matrix switcher is ideally suited for switch Audio Sources from AV signals from VCRs, camcorders, video game console, LCD Television, Plasma display monitor Audio and Audio Amplifier applications. Control is provided via Front push buttons with LED readout or IR remote controller. A RS232 interface is provided for interfacing with third party control. A windows based control software package is included to provide complete control of the SB-8804 from a PC.

CDM-660 - Multi Video Digital Converter
The CDM-660 is a digital converter, which means that it will handle any PAL, SECAM or NTSC formats. It will convert frequency with real time conversion and no signal delay. The CDM-660 does not require television to have a vertical hold or any other special features. CDM-660 is guaranteed to work for all TV's and with all types of equipment.